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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Better Strangely first read access is out of bounds which is not fatal but "SCSI command B9, no direction specified!" may cause problems. (I don't have working physical optical media drives at the moment.. Mounting audio CD image works fine.)

Does work better? (If not, attach log again)

It is working as designed. Switching Generic to something else would be too unexpected.
Toni Ok, I finally resolved, where it was discovered the problem, after doing a test cross but with another installation of "OS4.1 Classic 4.1" where the audio CD was functioning, I realized that the problem was the nature of software. I did a little 'test, I realized that in "OS4.1 Final Edition 4.1 Update 6" i had probably the "PlayCD" corrupt or dysfunctional, made replacement PlayCD I solved the problem. Sorry to bother given, i hope this inconvenience It can serve to help other users in future.

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