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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I successfully uploaded and flashed the latest firmware for the Amiga and this initially did not modify the behaviour but pressing the middle button + left/right to change the mouse speed did bring some very nice improvements:
  • With the logitech mouse, the second mode is almost usable: diagonals are still visible but only at high speeds.
    With the third (and last?) mode, the movement is fine 90% of the time. It is only when I move the mouse really fast in a circle that it is possible to notice that it sometimes follows diagonals.
    In practice, this is absolutely fine and the mouse is now perfectly usable.
  • With the Razer Naga however the situation is quite different.
    Mode two and three bring some improvements and it is now possible to move the mouse at slow-medium speed and control the cursor normaly.
    But there are still issues which I think are not the Rys's fault.:
    • Even at slow speeds, the cursor moves very fast and it is hard to pinpoint pixels precisely.
    • At medium speed, the cursor moves in the general direction of the movement but sometimes skips a bit and jumps left or right abruptly.
    • At high speed, the cursor jumps all over the place like crazy.
    I am fairly certain that this is due to the mouse having very high DPI which causes both the imprecision at low speed and likely the overflow of the mouse counters at high speed.
    AmigaOS is supposed to detect and correct mouse counter overflows (as indicated in the HRM) but given the very high DPI I suspect that they occur several times per VBL and must cause absolutely random readings which the OS cannot possibly compensate for.
    I will try to test this theory soon but as it is it seems probable that high DPI mouse like the Razer ones cannot be used because of the Amiga hardware and software limitations.

In any case, I am now very happy to be able to use the Logitech optical mouse with my Amiga. Thanks for this very nice little piece of electronics!

Will soon be available a new update with support for CD32 joypad and joystick emulation on the keyboard.
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