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Toni Wilen
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Beta 20: (RC3)

- Map ROM feature was not JIT direct compatible (JIT update few betas ago)
- Do not initialize CD drivers twice. (scsi passthrought, ioctl, image)
- Fix compatibility with old config files (before 68000/010 32-bit addressing option was added), force 24-bit addressing if config file was saved with 2.8.1 or older.
- Another old config compatibily update, if 68000/010 with chipset extra set to Generic, use more A500-like mainboard config than bigbox-like.
- Added Kupke Golem FastSCSI/IDE combo board.
- FastLane SCSI autoconfig mapping fixed.
- ROM scanner prefer roms not in archives update (b15) had exactly opposite effect..

Kupke Golem FastSCSI/IDE:
- SCSI/IDE combo board. Whole board or only IDE can be disabled.
- Fake DMA (SCSI long word wide, usual word wide PIO IDE)
- 4.2 ROM added ("fastscsi device (romversion) V4.2 (06-FEB-95)")
- Boot ROM made in 1995 without custom filesystem support..
- Does not copy ROM code to RAM, driver code executes directly from ROM.
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