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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
Trying to compete with modern graphic cards in 3D area is a crazy idea. Perhaps offering some low level routines in FPGA so that 3D games could be optimized a little but more does not make sense. 68k needs as much as possible horsepower and RAM. The strength of Amiga was 2D gaming so there should be the focus, trying to compete with PCs today in 3D area makes no sense.
It's beyond crazy. It's actually impossible. AFAIK Modern GPUs are technologically beyond any FPGA known to man with billions of transistors, beyond GHz klockspeeds and recently 4096 bit memory architectures (HBM).

However, adding some 1998-era 3d functions could offer some new fun challanges for devs. (Thinking of the guy that rewrote part of the quake engine to use the DSP in the Atari Falcon for example).
And this of course, would sit on top of superAGA for 2D which would be fully compatible with AGA only without the obvious limits. ;-)
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