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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I never tried to load the maps with Quake, i created a script, i do not know if it is correct, possibly tell me how you have assigned parameters, If you used Toltypes or if you have created yourself a script. Run your script I have not received any error, only that it is running normally Quake with the first standard level?

This is my script:

Stack 600000
Awinquake -game pg +map pgstart

I've been using a similar script for the Fallen map, with the addition of -mem 32 and -mouse parameters. I've been testing the other maps with OpenQuartz and the +map parameter does not always work, so I load the map at the end of the quake.rc. Attempting to load the map from the console after it has failed often does work, although the Fallen map is messed up. To be sure of having the same Quake config as me, you could try my OpenQuartz download. It already contains IKSPQ5 - The Secret Installation.
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