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Originally Posted by Megol View Post

I found the idea of Intel being called a calculator processor manufacturer funny, is that enough to make me a fool? Well then I'm a fool!

Sorry, that WAS overboard, and I have my foolish moments too.
And yes, I was specifically thinking of the 4004 (which the 8088 IS descended from).
So referring to them as calculator processors isn't that far off base.

And what really bugged me was the marketing of these as full 16 bit processors when they are 8/16 bit processors.
Also at 4.77 MHz the 8088 is outperformed by a 6809 of less than half its speed (if we want to compare processors from the same era).

So no, I wasn't really happy with Intel until the '386 was introduced.
It finally had the features needed to port some on the software that I was already using on Motorola processors.

Of course today's X64 processors bear little resemblance to their progenitors, so I'm not one of the "let's just build a really fast 68K" fanatics.

Although, I still mix in AMD processors whenever they will suffice (its always nice to support the underdog).

AND my primary Blender/CAD machine is Intel based (dual Xeon).
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