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Ok, tried the SNES version (it IS a PAL game). Looks like smooth 50fps here. But clearly not the Mega Drive beta. A slight motion blur an jitter tells me it runs maybe with 20-30fps, not more. Use only proper displays with 50Hz (or maybe 100Hz monitors with black frame insertion capability) for PAL games, no matter if you test on emulation or real hardware.

tried it (EU version) on zsnes for windows and it's the same at least here. VSync is on, all filters are turned off, it's the very same small jitter at the place you suggested. I can only assume it could be that my monitor is 60hz and the game is 50hz and it doesn't happen on real hw on a crt display.
You can't use Vsync for PAL games in 60Hz. It stutters all the time. Only way around is to boost the PAL game speed to 60fps. ZSNES can do this = Speed options -> Auto Frame Rate ticked => Emu speed 2x. But music is faster then too.

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