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Just test the Mayflash Dreamcast to USB adaptor with my Dreamcast Arcade stick and WINUAE and it works perfect. Tested on 32bit Vista, WINUAE picks up USB Controller #1 & #2. Tried Turrican, movement smooth and nice. Button A was to FIRE. Button B was Special Move. So no need to press Spacebar !!! YAY.. WIN WIN!
HORI Wireless and a DC Arcade Stick now working fine with WINUAE.
I will test the DC Arcade Stick on the PS3, when I get some time.

UPDATE - The Dramcast arcade stick with the usb adaptor works fine on PS3. I can control in XMB and play games with it. (Not sure what or if you can use start of select buttons with it) Tried Retroarch MAME on PS3, and the dreamcast stick works perfect. Exactly like the HORI

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