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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I received the Ryś MKII today and went on to test it with a few rodents I have lurking around the house.
  • An HP-branded Logitech M-UAE-96 mouse (this is the default mouse shipped with most HP computers):

    Weirdly enough, is seems to accept only diagonal movements. Although it is definitely possible to position the mouse cursor everywhere on the screen, only diagonal movements can be used to get there.
    This is really weird!
    I also tested it with Space Harrier and the issue is (obviously) also present there: the character moves only along diagonals.
I just checked the list of supported devices on the site and noticed that one of my mouses which moves along diagonals is actually on the list:
 Logitech M-UAE96 - usb/ps2, przewodowa

I am not too sure how to explain the mouse behaviour on my machine. Could this be due to an old firmware version? In any case I will try to flash to the latest firmware soon and report here.
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