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Mouse lag and sound stutter

Hi all,

I have a bit of a weird problem, although I can fix it. When I setup my own config to load up I get mouse lag and sound stutter, I will show you why:

Now if I change it to:

Then the stutter stops and everything is great. But I can't ever save the profile to use the 980 setting it always reverts back to my monitor setting no matter what. It saves but as soon as I reload the profile it is right back to the monitor setting again and the lag/stutter comes back. Is there a .ini file that I can add the 980 setting to so it won't revert back to the monitor setting?

Win 10
8g ram
i5 2500k@4.6ghz
Pc is hooked up to a monitor and a 3D tv via HDMI.

Many Thanks for any help.
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