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WinUAE on Thunder K7 and XPPro

Ok, I have been away for about two years. (my A3000 PPC everything PPC card died and nobldy can fix these things so they will stay fixed..)
O I thought Amithilon was the's dead.

I have a big box with all the setup, dual channel scsi, 1gig of ram..
XPPRO (really is not so great - total BLOAT)

I have Amiga Forever 5.2 with the latest WinUAE.


AF loaded well and it resides in a 17 Gig D:\ Drive...
I have two partitions System: (dh0:) and Work: (DH1)
recently, after reading the posts here, I plugged by Amiga CyberPPC SCSI drive into the Adaptec Ultra 160 nus, channel B, clicked the Bios to load XP first, and xp does not even see the drive.....I clicked the add 'hd' button and it was there, and when I booted .. Well, there it all was...I had to do a real cleaning of the PPC and WOS items, etc. I was able to move on over a lot of my registered apps and they do work....
PPAGE does not work (yet)
Pagestream (registered does) runs beautifully
MY assigns were wacked and they are redone

One problem, though XP refuses to shut down.
I get a blue screen saying that I may have a bad driver, or I may be out of disk space....

Anybody heard about this kind of problem before?

Another problem, MY Catweaswel PCI is installed, SP sees it, I disabled the driver for the card and it's TEac Floppy...
IT does not work either.

No system conflicts, etc on the PC side...

Sorry for the long post.
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