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I've done a bit more to Gogopogo, in case anyone is interested

I've added the rest of the buildings and a couple of platforms, along with the station, power-lines, crawl-line and a kid with a toy helicopter.

To do:
1 - Add remaining platforms
2 - Add collectables
3 - Add remaining baddies and obstacles
4 - Add sound and theme tune

This is just a simple demo to see if it would work as a game. The coding is not the best, and I've cut nasty corners left, right and centre in order to get it to a useable state. Because of this, it will only run on a 1MB Amiga!

Once I've done the above 4 bits I'll post it for you all to enjoy (or not).

Future Plan:
I have an idea to expand the game a lot more. It'll still use the same character (Pedro) and he will still have a pogo-stick, but I'll change how the levels get assembled and tighten some of the code so that the levels are imported as level files, as opposed to being hard-coded inefficiently, like the demo.

For those with a techy/programming/Blitz bent, you may be interested to know that there is no double-buffering used. I draw the screen directly during the vertical blank (at least, I think that this is how it works!). This does speed things up, but is a nasty way of doing it. I'm reworking the engine to use proper double-buffering.

Anyway, here's the link to the latest vid:
[ Show youtube player ]

Enjoy and feel free to comment, good or bad
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