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Amiga music for music snobs?

I'm a bit of an audiophile and while I'm a big fan of some Amiga soundtracks (eg the Flashback music, Turrican 2 (in small doses)) I find a lot of it relied on the weaker aspects and isn't good for easy listening. For example high-pitched brass sounds sound very cheap but down a few octaves sound pretty decent.

Anyway, a lot of the music I've been looking through on YouTube is very noisy stuff or too fast and I'd want to be on drugs or something to enjoy it. Anything classy anyone would recommend?

At some point I will probably learn to use the trackers to put something together myself that you can all poke fun at

Edit: I realise I am just not the target audience for this music, but there are always exceptions. For example Nothing Else Matters on The Black album, Trail of Tears by Testament, Black Lodge by Anthrax - all beautiful soft songs by heavy metal bands.

Edit2: I found this: but I'm still interested in specific suggestions.

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