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Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
I do not use asm since 1992.

Proper code in C for amiga compiles without changes on gcc for 68k and ppc.

olaf schoenweiss do not kow this because olaf schoenweiss never use any ppc amiga.
I first learned to use assembly code in the '80's, and with the 68K it still produces tighter, faster code than C (so I still use it).

Conversely, I would never try to figure out PPC machine code.

The primary advantage I find in C is that it is pretty easy to create small modules that often can be reused (or reworked with a little effort).

But my style of coding is probably quite different then most programmers.

Since by the late '80's and early '90s I was using primarily re-entrant code, today I tend to break most functions into small modules.

I find most C coders are quite sloppy with little regard for program size or efficiency.
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