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I received the Ryś MKII today and went on to test it with a few rodents I have lurking around the house.

After the initial plug it did not show any LED light (the Amiga was already powered on) and stayed light-less when I plugged in an Saturn-USB adapter. Plugging the Saturn-USB adapter in and out did not change a thing. But after cycling the Amiga on and off and removing the Rys and plugging it back it finally came to life and seems to work just fine. Phew.

I then tested it with:
  • The Raphnet Saturn to USB adapter ( with a SEGA MK 80-117 Saturn analog stick ( plugged in:

    It seems to be recognized as a mouse, the mouse cursor moves erratically whenever any buttons or sticks are manipulated, switching the MK 80-117 between analog and digital modes does not change this behaviour.

    I tried to press the START (9) button when plugging the pad in but this did not result in any LED flashing or change in behaviour.
  • A Logitech M-BB48 mechanical mouse:

    It works fine with both buttons properly recognized. I have not tested if the third mouse button worked since I do not have appropriate Amiga software for that.
  • An HP-branded Logitech M-UAE-96 mouse (this is the default mouse shipped with most HP computers):

    Weirdly enough, is seems to accept only diagonal movements. Although it is definitely possible to position the mouse cursor everywhere on the screen, only diagonal movements can be used to get there.
    This is really weird!
    I also tested it with Space Harrier and the issue is (obviously) also present there: the character moves only along diagonals.
  • A Razer Naga RC30-012301:

    Same issue as the HP/Logitech mouse above: as a strong tendency to follow diagonals.
    I actually noticed something interesting while testing this one: its sensitivity is quite high and moving the mouse much slower actually results in correct behaviour:
    • Moving the mouse slowly left/right/up/down results in correct, quick movements of the cursor.
    • Moving the mouse a bit faster results in slower diagonal movements in the general desired direction which seems to be of one pixel per frame. As if some kind of hardware counter was saturated and the mouse ended up storing +/- 1 movement values for each axis.

For now the Logitech mechanical mouse works well enough to replace the horrible tank mouse but clearly I would prefer to be able the optical ones instead.

If you wish to add support for the diagonally-perverted mouses do not hesitate to ask me if you want me to do some more tests.
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