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I got kicked out, when I introduced my CDTV / WHDLoad Project.

As it was NOT amiga related, so at least one MOD doesn't have any Amiga knowledge. Problem was sorted out latter but I decided to not join again.

One thing wich annoys me a bit, is so-called "Amiga collectors", for those people thing that best Amiga is in never opened box. They woun't ever open box, do nothing with their amigas. There are plenty of them that group.

They are first to cry out if they see that someone has done hardware mod. They say something like "why did you rape innocent amiga like that". I doesn't matter why or how. Some of them are also very agressive, like "any one who does something like that deserves to be shot to the head" etc.

It is true that most gotek installations seen there are ugly as hell, done with saw. But still...
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