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Thx for that. I think I *may* have noticed something akin to jitter. It could also be that my tft is masking the stutter effect with some post processing I've no control over. But yes, I think I see something.
Still, visibly smoother than Aladdin or Ruff n Tumble which are both known to be 25fps games.
Haven't checked the snes version yet, but isn't it ....hmmm.... different watching it on an emulator - however accurate it may be - than on a real snes system?


I'm probably more confused now. I tried the same with superfrog, which is a 50 fps game and I can detect some small stuttering similar to putty squad at some points. It's more difficult to see it there as there are not many vertical backgrounds at stage 1, but ie inside the caves or when running by trees I can see a similar effect. Oh, well! I think I'll just blame my tft for everything and stop messing with it!

tried it (EU version) on zsnes for windows and it's the same at least here. VSync is on, all filters are turned off, it's the very same small jitter at the place you suggested. I can only assume it could be that my monitor is 60hz and the game is 50hz and it doesn't happen on real hw on a crt display.

Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
go to where is the puty is in the screenshot in ur A1200
move the putty from left to right while watching the backgrounds ( columns and totems)
then compare with putty squad SNES version running on znes or snes9x
in fact you will don't need to check this, you will note the SNES version is far smoother since the begin of the game

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