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Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
Yep, totally agree, him and Phaeron / Avery Lee who writes the Atari 8bit emulator Altirra are two of the most helpful and informed emulator authors I've ever dealt with.
I guess one reason is: both emulators have same goal, emulate the hardware and expansions as accurately as possible and this needs as many as possible compatibility reports to find all odd programs that accidentally depend on some hardware oddity.

Just trying to make emulator that runs most popular games does not need that kind of accuracy, but it also means it is far too easy to add workarounds that will cause conflicts and sooner or later less popular programs become ignored, and because they aren't that important (from emulator point of view), reports will be get ignored and everyone gets annoyed. (Which is sort of same thing as programs not working in UAE with 68020 CPU due to emulation not being accurate enough: ignored, there is nothing to be done. Not yet.)

Originally Posted by James View Post
Yes, I just tried it on AmiKIT and it works fine for me too.
Hmm... So whats the difference? Config? WB setup? Some background program or patch that also uses FPU? Does 64-bit version have same problem?

b16 had FPU JIT updates = FPU JIT issue is very possible but how to duplicate it..
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