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Originally Posted by James View Post
Since beta 16 AwinQuake and GLQuake (so possibly all Quake engines) fail to load some maps with the following error:
Object error in linkdoors: cross connected doors.
Does switching off JIT FPU "fix" it? (and make it much slower)

EDIT: I tested IKSPQ5 and AwinQuake from Aminet. Works fine.

EDIT2: "Illegal lget at 4afc4007 PC=116875c2" in your log. Do they appear during level load? (run with -log command line parameter to see it, use windowed mode). Your config is a bit too complex for simple game testing (too many drives, too many extra features, setpatch that resets the system and so on, possibly bad patches. Too many variables. Plain 3.1 is the best for testing)

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