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OpenQuartz, GPL Quake Maps And Beyond...

OpenQuartz is a free alternative to the Quake data files. In combination with the Quake maps (released under GPL) and any Quake engine port, it provides an almost complete free replacement for Quake, with bots as standard. All that's missing is boss models and a few sound effects. I have made a few minor updates:

Added null sounds and models from the Quake Plus project to prevent missing file messages.
Converted all stereo sounds (unplayable) to mono and added loops where required (including null sounds).
Used the old knight replacement model as the (missing) ogre model.
Added LIT (coloured lights for GLQuake) files.
Corrected quake.rc so that autoexec.cfg is run last, as it should be.
Created 3 demos.
DualPNG icons.

I've put together a ready to go package with several extras. Included are:

OpenQuartz and the GPL Quake maps.
Software/GL Quake and QuakeWorld engines for m68k.
Launch scripts with DualPNG icons and customised configs. All GL scripts and configs are optimized for WinUAE/QuarkTex/AHI.
Nastrond - single player map with LIT.
Secret Installation - single player map with LIT and playthrough demo - enter "playdemo ikspq5" in the console when on this map.
Farewell to Fudge Brownies - deathmatch map with LIT.
OQDM4ISH and OQDM2ISH - deathmatch maps built with OpenQuartz replacement textures - taken from the OpenQuartz Plus project. Plus LITs.
Twisted Christmas mod with LITs.
Replacement Ogre model - much better (but not GPL) than the old knight model I have used in OpenQuartz.

Remove the - to download:

Although the Quake maps are GPL the textures are not, so alternative textures (also not GPL) have been used to rebuild the maps. It was decided to use plain textures so that they did not look too similar to the originals in case of copyright issues. Sadly it seems that the maps have not been fully VISed as there is a lot of slowdown in some areas. So they are possibly unpayable on real Amigas.

None of the above maps/mods use Quake textures.

On WinUAE at least, gl_fake_multitexture prevents the use of LIT files and causes a pretty smear bug on some maps, and r_vertexarrays breaks shadow rendering, and possibly other things. Because of this both are disabled which is likely to cause a lot of slowdown when running GLQuake on real Amigas.

The software QuakeWorld engine crashes, has anyone ever got this working?

Quitting GLQuake makes AmiStart hide, so I use CxControl in my launch scripts to make it reappear. CxControl needs to be in C: for this to work. If you don't use AmiStart you can ignore/delete this part of the scripts.

Some Controls:
Mouse - free look/turning/shooting.
Arrow keys - forward/back/step left/step right.
x - toggle crosshair.
z - toggle zoom.
c - toggle player cam view. No player model visible in software.
a - "quick axe attack" (actually a knife). Useful for opening secret doors.
p - toggle "pixel mode" (linear or nearest). GL only.
s - toggle shadows. GL only.
b -summon bot. Multiplayer only.

OpenQuartz Quakeworld

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