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Originally Posted by Nian View Post
On the contrary. This card was mentioned to me by one of my good friends.

After reading the sales site and info on licenses. To be honest, MASSIVE BLOODY TURN OFF.

I was interested in buying a few new accelerators. Now, yeah NO.

The idea is Dumb Shit Stuff.
This idea is actually what allows Jens to give you much lower prices.Are you saying you want to pay a higher price for less features?

Because the bundling of features on the same board allows for very important reductions of the price compared to producing a different board model for each possible combinations.
This is just how manufacturing economics work: a single batch of boards sharing the same design and components costs *much* lower than separate smaller batches of different cards each with their own components and designs.

If you do not want unlockable features, then you must also be prepared for a much higher cost because this system allows to drastically reduce prices.

What matters is whether you get good features for the price you pay.
Jens is actually selling high end boards for the price of low end ones and you will actually pay these components only when you need them. If you don't need them you will not have to pay for their production and R&D.

Fairly reasonable if you ask me.
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