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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Their claim that "we just managed to make a major change to American Copyright law" is a bit exaggerated. It's a 3 year exemption for a narrow range of uses, at the whim of some librarian, and still no redistribution rights.

It should be made illegal to add DRM, not to remove it. The whole system is the wrong way around.

There was already an existing non-server related exemption which has been renewed.
Indeed, it is only an exemption for now but at least it's there.

Regarding DRM, I have mixed feelings about it. Surely, iTunes strives without DRM so this can work for some media but piracy of software still eats a big chunk of revenues, this is particularly clear in the PC world where sales are much lower than consoles despite a much higher installed base of gaming gears.

I would be almost fine with DRM if I had the guarantee that I can replace my copy with another one at any time for the cost of the media (that is, pennies) and the right to obtain copies for other media (say, between my Blu-Ray disc and my iPad) without having to pay another license.

DRM is an understandable solution to a real problem but the companies who use it should pay the price necessary for their customers to enjoy their rights to personal copies despite it. The reason why they currently fight against DRM circumvention is that this allows them to sell the same license multiple times but if the law forced them to make these copies available at media-cost they would think twice.
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