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Originally posted by andreas
Two questions:

1. Are these versions actually different in gameplay or is it only other standard (PAL / NTSC)?
2. Does a cracked copy of the US version exist in TOSEC?
(I can't distinguish them (yet), so don't ask why I'm asking that "stupid" question )
1. I played the original (NTSC) version when I first bought it and thought it was complete tosh. After reading a glowing review for the C-64 version in Zzap, I fired up WinUAE and gave the game another chance. I remained underwhelmed. That was the VF-Beyonders crack, which is PAL, if I recall. It looked just like I remember the US version, but last time I looked at my original was like 1990, so don't quote me. I'd guess no difference other than packaging and PAL/NTSC.

2. That I don't know. Most US versions didn't get cracked and instead, NTSC patches were released to make the PAL versions work proper on NTSC boxes. TOSEC has two additional versions, [cr 68 Darc], which is PAL, and a [b] version, which I don't have. Maybe the [b] is the US release and all it needs is to be booted in NTSC? If you have that one, give it a spin.
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