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CoLD SToRAGE - FREE Music!!!

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in - Mods please feel free to move if not...

Anyway, I received this email today (copy/pasted for your pleasure).

"10 years ago, this very month...

...I released my very first solo album entitled "MELT".

"Where on earth does all the time go?"

I guess when you're having fun and getting on with life, time just ticks by, and then you find yourself 48 years old instead of 38 ...ouch(!). So, so much has happened over the past 10 years, in my personal life, my work life and with my music, but I shan't go into that right now - we'd be here quite a long time!

"What's the best way to celebrate this landmark moment?"

Give stuff away for free I reckon'? ;o)

So... it's 6 years to the month since I completed one of my favourite game based OSTs for Gravity Crash, and as I said, 10 years since MELT came out. In which case, let's give those away for free - and if you already have them and enjoy them, then please do feel free to spread the love, and pass on the links to anyone you think may enjoy my work.



Have a super spooky and enjoyable Halloween...

Love & Light!

I know CoLD SToRAGE/Tim has plenty of fans on here, so thought I'd post.
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