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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@akira Well it didnt do wonders for MorphOS. AFAIK active user numbers are just sad.
And how come its so picky with the hardware. Its not like it runs on any PPC Mac.. Or even any version within the same model. . Oh no.. it comes with a lot of "ifs" and "buts" attached.
Still.. there's probably a good-ish reason for that. So porting OS 4.1 to run on old macs, while far easier than the ARM idea.. still would take a lot of effort...
And I eead somewhere that the main devs dont endorse this idea.. the path that MorpOS chose, to build something new for old hardware. In a way its understandable and makes sense, but in reality, the new hardware being built is already obsolete too, so...
"didnt do wonders for MorphOS. AFAIK active user numbers are just sad"

Really? have you LOOKED at the actual numbers?
It has greatly increased the number who have bought licenses.

And there is no official number for the people that just use the 30 minute demo.

And do you really think the number of active OS4 users is that much higher?

In either case, total combined numbers are likely several thousand.

While not mainstream, looks pretty successful to me.

Certainly higher than the number of FPGA boards that running OS3.X.

Migrating to X64 will take a few years.

And, btw, MorphOS will be there before OS4.

In the meanwhile, we have SAM460 support, will have X5000 support, and will probably NOT be dumb enough to support Tabor.

Because, to an extent, we will overpay for hardware, just not crappy hardware.

Which might explain why the second board for our OS dropped the Artica S, while Amigans had to put up with what was it 3 boards from MAI using their flawed product?

Old AmigaOnes, now there is sad.

Thankfully, A-eon and Varisys have had a pretty good run (until this latest bomb was dropped on us).

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