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What a wonderful live video you made yesterday!. Well, I'm just starting watching it, but I've liked a lot the introduction. He speaks a bit in english too, not so good but he's improving it daily .

So folks don't miss this channel. Link to the live video he made yesterday:

[ Show youtube player ]

Edit: What does this youtube channel offer? Just my opinion of course:

- Playing games/demos/a lot of music with real Amigas and all in live.
- A lot of Amiga models to play with (mostly A500, A1200, A1000).
- Frequent unboxings (they aren't only Amigas he's got there).
- From time to time some raffle offering some retro hardware/software just for being there.
- An Amiga game in development using AMOS called Rowan's Dream and showing all about it.
- A group of developers working on it and showing new images/music/code/improvements in every program and usually improving it live.
- Tutorials for example about AMOS or many other things. The latter were some videos about making drawings using Deluxe paint, or some other making some renderings creating some images (I don't remember the programs they used).

And sometimes he makes tests with his Vampire or much more, and all in a great real AMIGA atmosphere...

He makes a live every Saturday night at 9 PM, but you should suscribe as he makes some live video when he likes too.

He has got also a huge store of retro hardware, so if you want something you can send him an email too.

Next saturday they will be releasing a special Halloween games for Amigas program it seems.... (uuuuuuhhhhh... )

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