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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
The usual important unanswered question (see first post) that needs to be answered: did _previous_ official version (3.1) have same problem?

Does it appear if you create state file, quit, start emulation, load statefile? If it does, attach it.

EDIT: CRC32 of the game image also required.

EDIT: Aladdin confirmed but it is 3.1 problem as I expected
Yup, as you've said it's a 3.1.0 issue. Used to work fine in 3.0.0.

Anyway, have a solution; see post above

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Ciao Toni, if I can be helpful, the graphical issue with Aladdin begins with the version 3.2.0 Beta 9


Strange, now Aladdin is going well with the recent 3200b18, It will be something left in memory that corrects errors? attach screenshot


The graphical issue with Alien Breed 3D begins with the version 3.2 Beta 4, attach screenshot 3.2.0b3 & 3.2.0b4
Really appreciate you also looking into this and testing various betas AMIGASYSTEM
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