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I am pretty sure this can be extended to ANY apparatus that prevents me from using the game.

If I lost the Code wheel, I could crack it.
If my Mario Kart server is dead, I can use/run a new one
If my game manual is lost and I can't enter the keyword, I can crack it.
If I lost my dongle (Robocop, Protools), I can crack it.

Individual game owners can modify their copies to keep them playable when authentication servers are shutdown. Archives, museums and libraries can modify TPMs and jailbreak consoles for the purposes of preserving games.
I would think that modification would exceed just "authentication servers" and would include any and all means that prevent me from playing a game because the protection method is broken or lost in any way.

I guess my claim was a bit bold and this still would not really back preservationists dealing with the removal of copy protection from a floppy disk track or decryption of an arcade game ROM :/ But yeah, definitely a good move.
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