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Hi guys,

Thanks for the answers!
Jens this is a marvellous card, I love it. Good work!

My Gotek is very stable by the way, never had a problem with it in any circumstances both of write or read data situations.
I had a feeling that the problem is in the ACA500-GOTEK context.
But it is not a real problem for me. It just would be very uncomfortable to disassembly the Amiga, put the real floppy drive back, make a recovery disk, then put the Gotek back again, and assembly the Amiga.
Since a recovery disk of the ACA500 shouldn't be too special, I assume that it is a standard disk.
So, do anybody has a proper copy of it to send me via e-mail? Of course I mean the .ADF file what I need.
Jens, maybe you do! If yes, would you please send it to me, to avoid the lot of work with the Amiga assembling.

Thanks in advance!
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