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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Just think how huge would be the OS 4.1 market were they to port it to the Pi 2!
I hear ya, Ive thought exactly the same thing.
However, I just dont see it happening any time soon. And by soon I mean within a decade.
The ppl who keep OS 4 alive have all invested in Ppc hardware and software..

Jumping to ARM is to be considered a looooong term project in Amigaland. So from a realistic perspective its pointless to consider the Pie2 as a platform as that one would be 10 years old by the time the port would be done.
And who knows what platform will dominate in a decade.
If you go 10 years back in time there were practically no smartphones and ARM was an obscure platform in the embedded market.

Sorry to sound gloomy but the most likely scenario is that Amiga OS4 dies with PPC.
Or live on in software emulators...
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