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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
You see no issues with the fact that OS4 is written for PPC and 0% of the software (OS or apps) can run on the ARM architecture? It took them a decade to release 4.1 (from 4.0) so its not like OS development is lightning fast as it is.
So how would it help to release a new mobo with an ARM chip?
If the solution is to emulate in software then its even more pointless as there already is ppc support in WinUAE and that requires zero new hardware for anyone with a ppc.
Sure I do, but what's the alternative? Keep building stuff for a dead architecture until they won't be able to get any more chips for it? It's due time to switch over to ARM, if they never start they'll never do it.

Stop gap solution is to run everything thru a PPC interpreter and take the performance hit, while creating a stepstone for the future.

Just think how huge would be the OS 4.1 market were they to port it to the Pi 2!
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