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Final Push!

Ant Wrote:
Now we have hit £30k and secured the wonderful booklet for all the physical backers we have listened to what many of you have said and incorporated that into our thinking here for further stretch goals, which is more content and English subtitles. Subtitles are incredibly expensive but if we hit the £40k mark we can at least increase the extra content and get english subs created to cover all the material.

Please note if we hit these new stretch goals we will have to deliver this extra content (on top of the 2.5 hours already secured) as a digital download as there is not enough room on the discs. However we felt that we have so much material that we thought you would rather us create it and get it to you than not do anything. Therefore please look at the updated stretch goal info below."

Several of you have written suggesting a Postcard Special Offer, to encourage you to pledge for full sets and help get us to the higher targets. Just to recap, these developer postcards are unique, rare, signed by Amiga Legends and never, ever to be repeated. Therefore as we are really pushing to get those stretch goals we are pleased to announce the offer listed below the postcards picture.
[link to postcards image]

Basically if you want all the 13 sets of signed Postcards (see above image) then you can take every set for just £245, therefore saving £275!

If you want all the unsigned Postcards (13 sets) just raise your pledge to £95 which saves you £35!

Please note if you have already pledged for cards (many have) then simply adjust upwards, for example if you have already pledged £80 for two sets of signed, then just raise by an additional £165 to get them all! The backer message you should send us simply needs to say you have increased by another £x for all signed Postcards.

Many of you have asked for posters, we are happy to announce both signed and unsigned A2 glossy Posters are now available. Simply choose an image from the postcards pictured above, from left to right (1-4) so for example you would say Team 17 poster number 2 (for the Alien Breed cover).

All Posters are rolled and supplied in tubes! Simply state signed (£35) or unsigned (£20) per poster and raise your pledges accordingly and send us a message that you have done so.

So please support us by visiting the campaign and sharing this link;

And Finally...
We have a last batch of filming coming up in November, musicians, journalists, artists plus a legendary C64 coder who we weren't able to get in the first film but happily we will be talking to very soon!

Thank you as ever for your wonderful support and we hope to be hitting more stretch goals soon!

Best wishes!

Ant & Nic
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