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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I wonder how this would impact abandonware, as far as I understand, this doesn't cover any kind of distribution of said work, so unless you are a registered entity working for preservation, like a museum, you are not allowed in any way to distribute or display software on which you have circumvented its copy protection.
This would not and should not make abandonware legal since this concerns only legitimately purchased copies in the first place.

Abandonware is piracy covered by a thin layer of preservation pretense. But now it has even less justification for existence since circumvention by legitimate purchasers is explicitly allowed.
In short, using emulation and usage if you haven't purchased the originals is still unlawful and still qualifies as entitlement as it should.

What would be better than abandonware would be provisions which force or rather strongly incite authors of copyrighted work to allow republication of their work through modern means. This would allow both legal purchases and (thus) preservation.

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