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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
What 'I' meant was how do you expect to attract more supporters that finance the project at a monthly basis without taking this out to the public (let alone the extra dev support)?
You do it by having something to show for it.
Getting people to support you with nothing going on is rather hard/unusual. PErsonally, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't ask for economical support when I have nothing to show, and as a consumer, I wouldn't support a game that isn't palpable.
This is normal consumerism behaviour, I'm not being any kind of heretic or jerk.
But Patreon promotes the old system of patronage, very popular in the art world of eons ago. Personally, I don;t think this is the kinda product that works well on a patronage system, people who use Patreon usually deliver content to their subscribers on a certain frequency. This is why it's the tool of choice for people like comic book artists.
For products like a videogame, crowdfunding occurs with the promise of a released game. Kickstarter or the like would be the ideal outlet for this kinda project, but that means that you have to put in some field work beforehand. For me that is proof enough that the project owners have put enough work on it to be serious and I gladly contribute with my preorder, even when the game isn't even hardly finished.
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