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WHDLOAD CACR resload FlushCache error

Hi all i posted this in Other UAE support bu then I think its more a WHDLOAD issue? Mods feel free to delete duplicate post.

i'm running E-UAE 0.8.29-WIP4 on a ppc mac G5. I have a hardfile image with classic workbench and WHDLoad installed v18.1.

I'm launching games using Igame but get the same issue launching direct. On some games mainly large aga games such as Banshee and Simon the Sorceror i get this error.

"Installed program has modified the CACR detected on entering via resload_flushCache"

I have tried playing with settings switching off JIT etc to no avail. I'm using same kickstart files I use on my Morphos setup for EUAE and that works perfectly. any ideas?

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