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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
brilliant! and who shall buy the first batch os 1000 crippled boards when a fully functional replacement for almost same price is expected?

or are you suggesting aou would buy both boards in order to support the development? and if so why not just trash the current design, and instead of still pumping money in the production, invest the money in redesign and sell for the double price. that would be still more reasonable that stubbornly sticking to apparently failed idea for whatever reason.

Yep, that DOES look problematic, doesn't it.
So the alternative is playing down the flaw and continuing with this design even after the first 1000 are sold.
Because you don't want to upset the buyers of the Tabor design by introducing a better solution after selling this one to them.

See just how convoluted this is going to get.
A) admit you were wrong, scrap a lot of development work, and start over or...
B)carry on and hope that the end results don't tarnish your image too much

Neither solution is optimal.
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