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Thanks Toni for keeping the door open to an implementation. Thanks Akira too for your reply : we're totally aligned

Unfortunately Toni I don't know how to be more precise than already written (or more precise than Akira). I strongly believe that the trackpad idea is great because also a relative input device, and IMHO not difficult to implement.

So either we could imagine starting with full screen as trackpad and different tap schemes for clicks, DoubleClick.. (see my previous post)

Or we could imagine drawing a semi opaque trackpad onscreen. That would be my preferred approach :

- Lets say it would occupy 33% of screen width and height, and be positioned at bottom left part of screen, lets say 5% of screen width and and depth from screen border

- the trackpad itself would be composed of 3 areas :
. A big rectangle on top, 100% of trackpad area width, 75% of trackpad area height : the trackpad motion surface were any finger slide would convert to mouse slide in the same direction
. Two smaller rectangle at bottom (the left and right mouse button). Each would occupy 50% of trackpad area width and 25% of trackpad area height. Touching them will act as clicking the corresponding button
. A nice to have : a way of moving the trackpad area on screen (no need to resize it imho). For example long putting 2fingers on the trackpad area would then make it follow your fingers if you move them on the screen.

I see no way this would not work in most use cases as this is no more than the description of the real physical trackpad of any laptop...

Joystick could come in a second time if mouse feature is fine, appreciated....

This is the best I can say... If it happens, well, that would be great

Thanks again to you guys for having take time to read, consider and reply to my post !
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