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The way suggested for the mouse works perfectly. I have used it on touchscreen VNC servers on iPad and Android.
Basically your whole screen (or a portion of it you define) is a "trackpad", like your laptop's trackpad, so mouse pointer motion acts the same way as it does on one of those. You drag your finger and the mouse moves that amount. You tap on the screen for an LMB click, you tap with two fingers for RMB click.

You can see how it works in this video: [ Show youtube player ]
UAE4ALL on GP2X and Caanoo works this way although not as well, it's a poor implementation.

Adding some little semi transparent overlays for things wouldn't be bad too. The method to bring up the menu now sometimes is a bit finicky because I am not sure if I am enough on the edge of the screen or not. If we have a little button, like on the top right corner or something, we can see and press and hold to bring up the menu, it probably would be better.

Joystick on a tablet is always a pain in the ass and I am not sure if I would bother with it at all at first.
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