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Big hello from Holland

Hi all,

New user from Holland here. Couple of months ago I decided to pick up my old hobby again, the Commodore Amiga. I used to have a Amiga 500 back in 1988 till 1992 when I sold it to buy my first PC.

I should have never sold it, but hey... when you're 17 years old you need the money to buy new goodies when all other money is going down the drain on alcohol and party weekends

Anyway, just this year I started to buy used Amiga's on ebay and a Dutch auction site. Clean them, freshen them up and sell them again to other Amiga enthusiasts.

My personal collection exists of the following now:

Amiga 500, Rev 3, Kickstart 1.2 (mint condition)
Amiga 500, Rev 6, Kickstart 1.3
Amiga 500, Rev 6, Kickstart 1.3 (sprayed it black )
Amiga 1200, Rev 2B, Kickstart 3.1 (Escom Magic Pack - NOS)

I shall post some pictures this weekend. I do have some pics of my "Paint it black" Project

Okay, I know, it's not original anymore. But it sure beats the hell out of the yellowing which this case was suffering from

I shall post more pics soon

Thanks for reading my introduction guys!


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