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A Vampire FPGA won't run OS4 and well you know it, so I don't know what relevance that has for someone whose hobby is OS4.
it runs amiga os afaik. simply an example, that hobby, low numbers or hand crafted projects do not need to equal expensive even on amiga. it is a question of chosen policy.

As it happens, the board I'm talking about isn't some magical, dependable, future-proofed board or space tech. It's standard PC motherboard tech from around 1993. Nothing special about them. We have to buy them at such a high price because of the small numbers involved, that's all. They constantly fail due to age, but those boards are the only possibility for repairing machines in the field. They also suffer hard drive failures, RAM failures and CPU failures typical of PCs of that age.
well, that pretty much resembles the situation os4 and their remaining user base have manouver themselves into, i must admit.
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