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Really wawa, do you not have anything else to do than take every possible opportunity to make negative comments about anything OS4-related you can find on the various forums? I don't understand why you feel the need - everyone's already painfully aware of your opinions, and if OS4 isn't your hobby then why expend so much energy on it?

I'm not trying to look for excuses - the reasons are plain to see, but it's interesting how you say things like that as if I should be ashamed of it. Same tired old story from you. I'm not telling anyone that anything is a requirement, again you're being ridiculous there and trying to make it look like it's me that's way out. Other people's Amiga-related hobbies are just as valid as yours, and you should really just accept that and move on. A Vampire FPGA won't run OS4 and well you know it, so I don't know what relevance that has for someone whose hobby is OS4.

As it happens, the board I'm talking about isn't some magical, dependable, future-proofed board or space tech. It's standard PC motherboard tech from around 1993. Nothing special about them. We have to buy them at such a high price because of the small numbers involved, that's all. They constantly fail due to age, but those boards are the only possibility for repairing machines in the field. They also suffer hard drive failures, RAM failures and CPU failures typical of PCs of that age.
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