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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
In technology, the more niche something is, the more expensive it becomes. We're spoiled by the huge mass production of electronics these days, and the fact that big companies can pour millions into development when they can guarantee to shift millions of units, but that's obviously not going to work in Amigaland.

For a little bit of context: I work for a medical devices company where development cycles are long and slow. We still have machines in the field based on standard 486 boards running QNX. However, only one particular board will do, and the price we pay for those boards make even the X1000 look like a bargain. But that's what happens when your market is about 100 units worldwide. It's a fraction of the power of the A1222, and costs nearly 10 times more. Now *that's* niche!
if you really look for excuses you will sure find some. your comparison looks like these os4 hardware were comparable to neccesarily highly dependable medical devices where all kinds of responsibilities, maintenance, specialized techniques and the like certainly add the extra cost. next time you will compare os4 hardware with the space tech. i just imagine a crt or a space rover staff suddenly facing a grim reaper or request to port and compile the neccesary software themselves, just in a most critical moment.

as for niche and hobby, if you make it expensive, it will be that, but not neccesarily. you can collect rolls-royces. but you can also buy a vampire fpga from majsta for about 100$ or build an aros machine for the same amount. its your choice. dont tell others that it is some requirement.
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