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Hello from Seville, Spain! :)

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I come here to learn more about Amiga computer and gather some extra information about the thing. Also to be able to participate in interesting debates, conversations and discussions. And to be informed about eventual news and new developpings if there were.

I started with computers in 1993, but I did it with an Amstrad PC 8086 and MS-DOS, not with Amiga. I didn't live that computer in its times. Anyway since I first handled my first computers I've got in loved with computing, learnt more about Operating Systems and learnt to program. My first approach to Amigas was at the end of 90s when I started getting approached eventually to emulators of videoconsoles and old computers, included Amiga and 8-bit computers like Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Commodore 64. I'm in love of Amiga's videogames and musics. I got an physical Amiga 500 the last year through ebay, though the floppy disk seem to be dirty and I haven't had the time to repair it. Anyway I've tested a real Amiga in a friend's home, with awesome games, demos and musics. He gave me recently 8 big floppy archivers (of double row) full of Amiga copied floppies with games and demoes (I barely found space in my house to put them, but I got it), that I added to a previous collection of Amiga floppies some other person gave me and to some original boxed floppy games I've been getting throw ebay.

But it wasn't until some days ago (last Thursday) that I had to start creating my own things in Amiga. A friend asked me to do the musics for a video game of Amiga they want to present to a competition. I'm experienced composing music of good quality in MIDI and in real recordings. So getting approached to a new format for me like sampled .MODs was a deal. I started getting a protracker-like program (OpenMPT) and protracker for WinUAE. And in 2 days I was creating my first song.

Now the "programmer" of the project seems to know not much about programming and I'm considering seriously to learn by myself some Blitz Basic and do it, since I already have a lot of experience doing long programmes in QBASIC, GW-BASIC, Ya Basic (for the PlayStation 2), Turbo C / C++ and 80x86 Assembly Language. So it worths the try. By the way, we only have until 5th December to complete the game, lol. Not that we have much margin of maneuvering.

So that's why I come to this forum. To get additional help and information about this awesome platform and computer called Amiga (and Workbench / AmigaOS).

I hope to end up doing big things in this platform, lol.

I send you from here a greeting, from Seville (in southern Spain)

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