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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I completely agree 110%. Speaking of which is there an ingame trainer or cheat for this game or a trained adf available? I'd imagine I probably still would get stuck playing with a trainer due to the complexity level design in this game.

Beating DM a few times won't make playing CSB any easier.
Strange, I find CSB quite easy. If you're locked somewhere you have the hint oracle and your characters start with high enough stats to handle the monsters.
There is no cheat, apart a fake one which doesn't work. If you need help on some particular area, PM me - I know every small detail of that game !
But maybe an automapper would be all that you need to be able to cope with the dungeon's non linear nature ?

A dungeon game which i've tried several times but will never finish is Crystal dragon. I just hate playing with only 2 chars !
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