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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The P1022 is a dual-core CPU. Even if you were to emulate all FPU commands in software, you'd have a spare core to do that, as OS4 is still a single-core OS.

Besides, it's not all-incompatible, but throws a few illegal instruction traps on commands not implemented...

Jens, since the trapping will occur on the primary cpu, halting it, using the second core to execute the translation stage will not produce an increase in speed.

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
...The P1022 FPU emulation would likely be adequate for light floating point use and a joke for heavy floating point use like using Blender.
Unfortunately, no one seems to follow this point and we are still getting "wait and see" comments.

Or comments that we somehow are acting against the community's best interests by pointing this out.

The cure to the problem is easy, btw.

Once these first 1000 boards are sold, design a board that supports a PPC with a standard fpu.
The price increase would amount to about $10 in parts.

I'm willing to wait AND pay a slight premium (which in this case could be really slight).

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