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Wasn't really sure where to post this (as I'm using the latest beta so guess it should probably go there) but since we discussed vertical centering in this thread I'd thought to put it here; please feel free to move Toni.

I've been testing away and found another game that goes quite wrong with this option ticked; Dino Wars. Just like Pang, the option screen moves from the bottom to the top but when near the top jumps down and then continues up again...

With Pang or Alien Breed I just switch off vertical centering and I'm happy. Unfortunately with Dino Wars if I do this all screens displayed are now way too high that they are off the screen

I have a solution / workaround but it's a little messy:
... Start the game with vertical centering off.
... Select the Filter tab and move Vert Position to 800.

I know that you said centering is now working as it should so will totally understand if you don't want to revisit this. Just thought I'd mention what I'm seeing.

I've attached my config anyway.
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