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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone found a good solution since last post to enable use of touch screen as a mouse and\or joystick with winuae. External sw that would render a trackpad and joystick on top of full screen ?

Or maybe a way of convincing Toni to keep introducing such support step by step ? The very first step was really important (open the GUI from touch screen). Second great step would be to have the whole touch screen act as a trackpad. The relative movement of finger on the screen would make the mouse pointer move in the same direction (whatever the scale factor), single tap would simulate left click, double tap left double click, long tap right click... no overlay image at all as a first step. Another step would be for example to split the borders of touch screen into 8 zones for joystick emulation : neutral = don't touch screen, top left zone = joystick topleft, bottom right zone = joystick bottom right and so on.

Of course the ultimate implementation would be to have a little black rectangle with 30 percent opacity overlayed on bottom left of screen. Relative movements of fingers on it would move the mouse pointer in the same direction. Then 8 black arrows in the shape of a 8 branch star (imagine a + and a x on top of each other) with 30percent opacity on bottom right of the screen. Placing a finger on any of the 8 arrows (north, northwest, west...) would simulate the joystick in the corresponding direction.

I know Toni this is not of interest to you, but winuae runs so great on such tablets that I would be like a child if I could bring an Amiga everywhere with me with no need of a physical mouse or joystick... Wondering how we could have you consider this.

Thanks for reading me !
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