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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Why do the sprites look like really badly posterized 3D images?
If you are serious about it, collaborate with one of the marvelous graphic artists we have here.

Still looking for any game demo, you said you did a tech demo somewhere, why not show it? Will help prop up your Patreon.
At this early stage graphics should be a secondary focus, what matters is demonstrating gameplay, developing tools and validating technical aspects. I actually prefer seeing "prototype" graphics rather than final ones because it indicates the developers are serious and concentrate on the important things first rather than say write the introduction sequence first.

When I have enough material to show for my own projects you can expect ugly coder graphics because what matters is that the game works, not how it looks.

In the video games industry it is commonplace for games to look bland and rough until the last six months of development, then polishing takes place and the game acquires its final look. If you see very beautiful demos during game development that usually means the developers had to cease actual development for a few weeks in order to polish specific areas of the game.
A very bad thing if you ask me because it disrupts regular development and forces all kind of hacks into the engine.
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