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Haha, yea the WebGL build for Unity is still very experimental. I figured it was an easy way to release a steady stream of latest builds for people on here to try out. Plus it's very safe - you don't have to download executable code or whatever.

From what I can tell the latest version of Firefox is 41.0.2, maybe try updating your browser?

Actually executing native code in a browser is kind of ridiculous to start with; it's sort of a miracle it works at all. In order to get the performance of a native build you have to implement an LLVM virtual machine in javascript and run the code on that; I believe currently they use emscripten to achieve this. But yea, all very experimental so it's going to have issues some of the time.

If I can find the original Roketz devs and get a license to do so then I'll release a proper standalone build for PC/Mac/Linux at least. I think I found one of them on LinkedIn so once it's a bit further along I'll shoot them a message and see what they reckon to it. Like I've said before I'd love to get networked multi-player in and host it on steam or a similar platform. Not sure there'd be enough people wanting to see that happen, though, as I think you have to go through a public 'greenlight' thing where people vote to see your game on steam now. Sucks.

Currently I'm an ID@Xbox dev with access to a XBone dev kit, it did cross my mind to get it running on that for a laugh.

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