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"So what do we want - an up to date home computer. Something that will give Joe Public everything he wants but without the need for another screen in the living room - the TV will be fine. It will open up the avenues of gaming, the internet and working from home, to those who don’t consider themselves computer literate."

Yeah, good luck! If you want to sell something that brings back the homecomputer, it will have to revolutionize the whole idea of computers. It will have to fight against already firmed astablished competitors on the electronic market, like M$ with their software and the whole PC concept.
I don't think "Joe Public" will want yet another gizmo in his home, the PC does what he thinks is adaquate for his needs, namely: He can write documents in M$ Word and print them, the kids have something that they can play games on and he can dowload porn on it!
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